Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rain Tees Review

The word “Andira” describes a tall tree that grows in the Brazilian Amazon and has been been used for centuries by indigenous people  for its medicinal properties.
Andira noun : 1.  Andira retusa, a Brazilian tree species. Has purple flowers, and a slight aroma of oranges.
However, due to logging and deforestation, the species has been vastly devastated.
Beth Doane is the Founder & Designer, The Andira Rain-Tee Collection

Andira donated school supplies to the children and asked them to illustrate what they see happening in their world every day. Each Rain Tee features their thoughts illustrations and names.
For every Rain tee sold, a child involved in Kids Saving the Rain Forest, Costa Rica will receive a tree they can plant to replace one that has been destroyed.

Help save our Rain Forests one Rain Tee at a Time
  Rain forest are crucial to our entire planets survival
Andira rain tee is a piece of art handmade in Peru using organic, biodegradable, sustainable fabrics and dyes. 100% Organic Apparel Giving Back to the Amazon

Rain Tee's are in adult and children's size. This shirt is a size 6 kids. It is roomy and very soft. 
About the shirt I got.
HUMMINGBIRD - Over 300 species of hummingbirds live in Central and South America and scientists predict there are still many species that have yet to be discovered. The Hummingbird Rain Tee was designed by Luiz Alvarajo. Because hummingbirds use so much energy beating their wings up to 100 times per second, they must consume several times their body weight in nectar each day. Luiz illustrates an Amazon Hummingbird doing just that.
I love shirts with messages and this line of clothes  has the strongest message I have seen.
disclosure: I was given for free this product for the  purpose of reviewing it. I did not receive monetary compensation and all thoughts and opinions are mine. Quotes were taken directly from the website