Sunday, December 6, 2009

ECO GO Jacket Review

I recently got to review the Eco Go Jacket from Our GlobO

Inspired by nature and designed in the Pacific Northwest by our caring teams of parents and grandparents, the original GO! Backpack jacket is created after years of seeking a solution that combines the necessity to have our toddlers ready for any sudden changes of weather and the need to carry their own stash of small toys.

My son Little A age Three loved the Go Jacket. We took his bike and rode to the gas station. He bought a pack of crackers. He put them in the pouch on his back we went home again. He love being able to ride his bike and carry his own crackers. The next day we walked to the part. We turned the jacket in to a back pack and brought it with in case it got chilly. He felt so big ,taking care of his self, carrying his jacket and snacks. He played at the park with his Go Jacket in back pack form. When we walked home it got chilly so we turned it in to a jacket again..

This Jacket is not only cute but practical. With a pocket to hold small things when it is a jacket. It can turn in to a back pack so kids can carry their own jacket.This would make a great Christmas present. The Spring GlobO Backpack Jacket comes in Yellow, Green, and Purple. In size 2-3yrs and 4-5yrs. We received the 4/5yrs and it fit great and will fit little A for a couple years.Our Globo also carries a Fleece GlobO Backpack Jacket. It comes in red, blue, and Olive.
 ECO ~ backpack style jacket. The message is simply : be a wise steward, and kids : carry your own load.

Each jacket is also individually numbered so as to further the principles of stewardship and reuse by making it possible to track and share the life of the jacket.  In addition to creating partnership programs with local schools and child care centers, Our Globo is also sharing a portion of the sales proceeds to the Sustainable Schools Initiative.  We have more related information posted on our web site at

We have selected a sustainable material using a cutting edge energy- effective process originated by Teijin Group of Japan. This material is the newest generation of the recycled polyester material family.
  • GO! GlobO Jacket was conceived for its functionality and is meticulously crafted with the latest technology in sustainable material.
  • GO! GlobO Jacket expresses the sustainability/stewardship message through its selection of materials, craftsmanship, and sponsorship of the Sustainable School Initiative.
  • The recycled polyester material for GO! GlobO Jacket is carefully selected recycled polyester, produced from the most advanced technology in the market. The process uses 76% less energy, and the material can be recycled endlessly.
  • Ownership of this limited production GO! GlobO Jacket offers convenience and fun as well as an invitation to be a part of the GlobO family striving for a conscientious environment.
  • Gifting of a limited production GO! GlobO Jacket signifies loving care, discerning taste, and the opportunity to pass on the value and principle of stewardship.

Buy it~ Ourglobo made a special coupon code for helping mommys readers.
15% discount for the first jacket and additional 5% to make it 20% for two or more.  To enjoy those discounts, just go to the Buy Now page of our web site,   click onto the button of GOKids, then type is user ID : goglobo   and password: livewise


DENISE said...

That look like the handiest think I have seen in a long time. I bet my Grandaughter would love for Nana to get that for her...