Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Up to date ... almost

Haha I am almost up to date in posting giveaways. I listed a lot today so good luck to everyone. I am now posting giveaways with 75 comments or less. Thank you for all the feedback. I got asked today how I find low comments giveaways. I google "first giveaway or "blogspark" both, come up with lots of low comment giveaways.

I am not going to have as many of my own giveaways as I did in the past. I started this blog to share others giveaways that had low comments so i going to be focusing more on that. I couldnt juggle, listing giveaways, doing reviews,hosting giveaways, housework, kids, life, ect and had a bit of bloggy breakdown and didnt touch the computer for almost two months not even to check emails or see if I won anything. Now I am back and balanced again lol
Thank you all for reading my blog.
Thank you all for sending me your giveaways to list that make it even easier to find giveaways. :)


Meandering Matt said...

I have two giveaways I started this past weekend. One has no entries and another has 46. If you would be able to, I'd appreciate your help in getting the word out about these! Thanks so much!

Life Happens said...

Hi, I sent you an email yesterday with a blog makeover giveaway that I am doing. I'm sure you're still digging out of your emails. I would greatly appreciate it if you could list my giveaway too (currently only 18 comments).

Thank you so much!!


Life Happens said...

I forgot to add, the deadline for the blog makeover is Thursday, June 10th.

Melissa said...

Welcome back! I understand about being overwhelmed and needing a break.

Thanks for listing my giveaway, and thanks for all you do!

Joy said...

Fabulous! I just sent you an email (check your spam folder! My email has a tendency to go there since some businesses mark me as spam when I contact them... stinks for me but what else can I do?!).

EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

Aww, it's too bad that you had too much on your plate. However you definitely have a great thing going just by promoting others' low comment giveaways. When I was first getting started and you posted several of my giveaways, analytics was showing you as one of my top two or three causes of traffic. I'm sure you've helped others just as much. :)

The Queen of Clearance said...

I have another giveaway going on now if you would like to post about it! Thanks so much for posting about my other one, I appreciate it!

Gale said...

We all go through times like that. Sometimes we just need to shut down the computer and focus on life. I've done the same at times!

ShristiStudio said...


I have a custom dress giveaway with 53 comments on them. It would be great if you could post it.