Friday, March 19, 2010

1 Ultra Allergy Blocking Mattress Encasement giveaway

Who - Concrete and Nail Polish
What - * 1 Ultra Allergy Blocking Mattress Encasement
* 1 Box Spring Encasement
* 2 Ultra Allergy Blocking Pillows
Value $200-$240 depending on bed size
When - 3/23
How many - Only 15 entries!


DENISE said...

My grandaughter has allergies and asthma really bad these would be great to put on her bed,

Meredith said...

I think that This is a great idea. I am very interested in buying other items from the CleanRest collection. I have sensitive skin and am very cautious about germs. You might even say that i am a germaphob. Curtains are something that i very rarely wash. Something that i always want to wash but never get to it. To have this new CleanRest window collection is a great invention and I am going to get it for sure. I am also getting the pillow cases!!