Wednesday, January 6, 2010

world wide wednesday giveaway links

2) Skin MD Natural 1/12
3) Däv Handbag & Umbrella 1/17
4) Soap from Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen 1/11
5) Book 1/8
6)cover-your-hair-review-giveaway 1/20
7) Book giveaway 1/10
8) $25 Cover your hair stuff 1/17
9) Bummas 1/15
10) Bailout The Game Board Game and Card Game  1/13
11) cute bag 1/16
12) $25 Gift Certificate to the boys store 1/11
13) 1/30
These giveaways, to the best of my knowledge are open to all and will ship world wide for free to the winner. International Giveaways
If you have any or find any giveaway open to all please add them.
Thank you


Natalie A. said...

My giveaway for Cover Your Hair Surprise Box is also worldwide!

Thank you!

EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

hehe - i also have a cover your hair giveaway that is worldwide.


Julie said...

I couldn't get the quilt link to work. Anyone else having problems?

mom2anutball said...

Thanks for adding our Bummas giveaway!

Our Boy's Store giveaway is also open Worldwide!

So is our giveaway!