Friday, January 29, 2010

What characteristics do I think define a strong, successful relationship?

What characteristics do I  think define a strong, successful relationship?
I think being there for each other through think and thin and trying to work out problems will make a strong and successful relationship.A sense of strong family values are also important.

The couple from Will you Marry me Andre Roache & Genine Thomas have those qualities in their relationship.
 About Andre Roache & Genine Thomas
Our belief in God has guided us through many storms together, some calm and some rough.
When we first met, the two of us were caregivers to our families. We didn't really know at the time that we would have so much in common. Andre's father died when he was sixteen, leaving him to help his mother care for two younger siblings. He was now the man of the house, putting his wants and dreams aside, and his family first. Genine grew up in a single parent home with three brothers and her mother. As a little girl growing up in the projects she didn't see many families with both a mother and father present, but her mother was a wonderful caregiver. She taught her how to be a mother to her son, and how to stay strong when a storm comes.
Both of our parents have instilled values in us that we will never forget, and we carry them until this

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