Sunday, December 13, 2009

winners of the baby gift and personalized backpack

The winner of the personalized backpack is Mandy from Burkett Blessings 

 The winner of the Baby gift from up to $50 winners choice 

is Sweetpeas she said "I love the "carton of socks" I never seem to have enough socks for my kid. "

Congrats to the winners! I emailed you.
If you did not win I have more giveaways going on and more to come.


Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

YEA!!! I'm so excited!!! I didn't see an email from you, yet, but I'll keep watching for it.

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

Please email me again. I didn't get the first one.


A Frugal Friend said...

Congrats Mandy...another win for're on a roll!

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

Hopefully you got my last email. I am not getting yours. So, please comment on my blog and I'll keep in touch with you that way.