Friday, December 25, 2009

Our wounderful Christmas.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.Ours was great friends, family and yummy food.We did everything I wanted to do this week. We made snow angels. We made ginger bread cookies. We spend time with aunts, uncles inlaws and my mom.For Christmas Little A's favorite present was hungry hungry hippo.(I will have to take pics later.) That is great it dose not need batteries. It is so easy to put together,fun and simple.C loved her mp3 player and listened to it all day. D got a DS lite and is thrilled.I got everything I wanted. A new winter coat from hubby.Four books from my brother. My mom got me new pretty wash rags and dish towels. I really needed some. My teen son bought me a Edward doll. That might not sound big to you  but is so sweet. My high schooler who hates Twilight picked up and bought this Edward doll . He risked being seen by his friends carrying a twilight barbie and spent his own money on it. Just for his mommy.Talk about super sweet.
  I hope everyone's holidays went well. I am back finding low comments giveaways for you. Remember if there is ever something special you are trying to win let me know and I can help you find giveaways.


Laura said...

aww.. that sounds like a great holiday. glad you enjoyed it.