Thursday, December 17, 2009

Giveaways open world wide and asking for a little help.

I have won some nice things this year from blog giveaways. Some are wrapped up under the tree right now. I love entering blog giveaways and almost everyone I find I can enter. Most of the blog giveaway are for US.
I know shipping over seas is expensive. I couldn't pay to have things shipped everywhere but i can find giveaways that can. I had a idea for awhile just sitting, simmering. Since it is almost a New Year I thought I might stop just thinking about it and try it. I would like to have a World Wide Wednesday Post. On Wednesday post giveaway that are open to everyone.

I am asking for a little help. I have never asked for help before but i really want to do this. I would love it if you see a giveaway open to everyone you could leave a comment or email me. If you have a lot of world wide readers can you post and spread the word about  about World Wide Wednesday Giveaway list.
Thank you so much

Giveaway Open To All

 Boz the Green Bear Next Door DVD- ends 12/20 worldwide
Year's Worth of Books Giveaway  ends 1/8 worldwide
A headband and eyeshadow  ends 12/17/09 at Midnight worldwide
patterns from  ends 12/31 world wide 
Victoria's Secret lip gloss 3 12/17/09 at Midnight world wide
year membership to Ojolie 12/20
Thank  you  Spamgirl for you help.


Spamgirl said...

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Thanks for including my own and I love this idea. i'll try and help when I see something.