Friday, October 30, 2009

I won pocket mirrors!

A week ago I found a great low comment giveaway. My little blog of crafting, giveaways & reviews was giving a $20.GC to her etsy shop Little Pink Plum. 
It went over so good with 53 entries she decided to pick three winners. I was one of the winners!
The little pink plum makes cute pocket mirrors, I  picked out five.  This one was my favorite. All my mirrors came in beautiful bags of every different colors.

I am going to stick a mirror with my daughter's teacher's Christmas present. I am keeping the Effel Tower mirror for my self. In Nov is my blogaversy I am thinking of having a giveaway I will stick a pretty one in there also. I am giving my daughter the snowy owl.

I loved these pocket mirrors and i had super fast shipping.