Saturday, October 3, 2009

Children and vision problems

My friend has a daughter that was entering kindergarten. When it was time to sign up they did all sort of testing including vision screening. She was shocked to find her daughter was far sighted and near sighted. We didnt even know you could be both. She also had to have a patch over one of her eyes for awhile.
Most children don't get their vision checked until they start school.

In an effort to shed light on some of the more subtle warning signs of vision problems in young children, Diopsys, Inc., developer and marketer of the Enfant Pediatric VEP Vision Testing System, has created an online vision assessment quiz at The physician-reviewed, informational quiz, which takes only a few minutes to complete, is comprised of multiple-choice questions covering several areas that can “red flag” signs of a potential vision problem in children of various ages, including such actions as the inability to make steady eye contact, or involuntarily covering one eye to see something better. The new quiz does not take the place of a professional vision examination, but it is there to create awareness of a silent problem. The Enfant system utilizes advanced technology to provide objective testing for visual deficits such as amblyopia (lazy eye) in pre-verbal children as young as six months, right in the pediatrician’s office.For more information on the Enfant or to find a pediatrician offering the test near you, visit


Evil Angel said...

I am so happy that you posted this! My 4 year old DS was just diagnosed with vision impairment due to an early vision screening. His vision may actually improve to a more "normal" range due to the early detection.