Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bella Sara Review and Giveaway

When I found out I had the chance to review Bella Sara trading cards I was so excited. There is lots of trading cards for boys, but this is the first I heard of one for girls.Plus it comes wit a whole virtual world. It also has horses. I have a daughter that loves Horses.
BellaSara cards
In the pack of card there is a code you can enter online.Each pack contains one code.
Bella Sara is also introducing the Miniatures Series 2 (Minis) set that features 20 new velvety figures horses with their own secret code to play Bella Sara Adventures.

The Bella Sara virtual world
Bella Sara, a magical place full of beauty and joy where you may activate your Bella Sara trading cards and collect horses in an online stable. A safe world of fun and adventure lies just beyond the stable gate, with games, puzzles and activities for you to enjoy with your favorite horses.

Once your horse is in her warm, comfy stable, you may care for her by feeding, brushing, cleaning her stall and making her happy. Along with your horses and your card collection, we have games, activities, and other features for you to enjoy.

Sunday was a rainy day I gave C the trading cards. Soon as she opened she looked through them and yelled I got one that sparkles. I got a special one! We opened the other pack and got one more that sparkled. She was so happy. She carefully looked at her cards.

We went to Bella Sara
We set up a account for her very easy. Then she got to pick her very own horse, then name it. Then she fed it a bottle and got to groom it. This is every girls fantasy. To have, pick out, name, and take care of there very own horse.

Buy It ~ You can buy Bella Sara products at Wal-mart, Target, Toys R Us and BellaSara.com

Win it ~ One Helping mommys win reader can win two Bella’s Sara Trading packs card packs and one velvety mini.

To enter: Go to Bella Sara and have a look around tell me something that you saw or learned.

For two extra entries just tweet "Win BellaSara Trading cards at http://winningmommys.blogspot.com/2009/10/bella-sara-review-and-giveaway.html  " Leave two separate comments.
ends 11/4

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tanya904 said...

The graphics on this game are really beautiful and I love that it sends a positive message

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shopannies said...

the website itself is beautiful but also love the minitures

mytwogirls said...

We are sorry, but the Bella Sara website is temporarily closed for maintenance.

There are two cute games to play even though the site is down, Treasure's Hunt and Cloud Jumper.

Birdson said...

I discovered that you can PRINT a beautiful poster of Bella's Ball for free off their website birdson@roadrunner.com