Monday, August 31, 2009

Review of mayfairlane

Mayfair lane has a magnet alternative. It grips to stainless steel refrigerators, mirrors, glass and more. Can you believe it. I love that it stick on stainless steel. My best friend has a stainless steel fridge the front is plain. No papers, drawings It looks so naked.
Mayfair lane have big assortment of products. Happeez Products carries Notepads, List pads
Large and Small journals, Mini Photo Frames, Clippers and more.
They come is so many different pretty prints.

I got a clipper and a list pad in a leaf print. I wrote a reminder to brush teeth before bed, and stuck it on the bathroom mirror. It stuck. It held the note and did not slip down.
You can remove and re stick again and again. To revive stickiness just clean the back with a vinegar based window cleaner.

mayfair Lane has very affordable prices. This Small journals has 50 pages and is on sale for only $3.


The Queen of Clearance said...

sounds good to me...and we all know I love cheaply priced things!