Saturday, May 30, 2009


I know I have not been posting as regular as I have been. I am not sick the kids are find, no emergency. I have been reading the twilight books. When the kids go to bed I pick up a book and don't put them down till i am too tired to read. I absolutely love them, and my sweet husband who bought me all 4 for mothers day. I usually share my free time reading and computer but the books were so good.I am back to blogging , reading blods and entering giveaways. (I need to win more books.) lol
Thank you all for reading my blog and following me.


auntrene said...

Don't apologize, goodness you do us a great service by helping us find great giveaways.. I appreciate everything you do.. I am also a reader, love giveaways for books.
I am what I call a one more chapter girl, I always say, ok.. one more chapter, one more chapter, then I only have 4 chapters left and decide to finish the whole book..
I haven't read the Twilight books, wasn't sure if they were something i would be interested in, even though everyone seems to love them.
Have a great night.

Michelle said...

ha ha no apology necessary I read my set in less than 4 days. even the 4th book which is 700+ pages I read in less than a day!
your hooked! My boyfriend calls them Twack because he says they must be like crack lol