Saturday, April 11, 2009

A winner and a update

Wow I got 41 comments on the cute ponytail holder and the winner is eckyI emailed hers. I will give her three days to get back to me because it is Easter weekend and I know a lot of people travel. (lol she emailed me her info before i got done witting this posts)

I have been finding a lot of giveaways with super low comments. I am working hard to find more. I am also going to have more giveaways in the future.
I am sure you noticed i have put on some ads. That was a hard decision but i am trying to make sure they are good, free and not put to many up.
I am also on twitter I understand it now and love it. If you follow me i will follow you.
I am so excited to have 80 followers. I still cant believe it. I hope everyone and a safe weekend and a happy Easter.


Anonymous said...

Twitter?! You go girl!

Good things come to all, but better things come when we make room to share what we've been given.