Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have you won anything latley?

Have you won anything lately? We would love to know. It will inspire us to keep trying, knowing our friends are winning. Good luck to all.


Tammy said...

I did, I did! I won three prizes in the Bloggy Carnival. One of which is a blog makeover. is making over my blog, so check it out in a week and see what she's done with it.

Lisa S said...

I won 5 things last week in the Bloggy Carnival! *dancing* I won a handbag(received)& lingerie laundry bag & sauces & a t-shirt for little Bubba & Pistachios! Yeah

Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of1

Lynn said...

Hi ! I won a 100th blog posting celebration giveaway. I will receive a gift basket with Bath and Body Works goodies along with some of her designs on staionary etc. from:

She is an awesome graphic and blog designer !

Angie said...

I have won quite a number of things in the past 2 weeks... oddly none from the bloggy carnival. I have won 4 different books, one of which was autographed, Chatter Chix, a handmade necklace, a Hip-Tee (the coolest thing ever for my daughter), a children's board game, and some scrap booking supplies. A lot of these were ones listed from this site!!! Keep up the good work Jess!!!

Celeste said...

Yes!! I have - many actually, but the "biggest" this week was these items:


I got both of them in the mail today!! Such an amazing prize!

I won them from the Barefoot Mommies blog!!

Genevieve said...

I did! I've won two YA books from two separate contests. It seems like I win 1 out of 15.

Painter Mommy said...

I won a great diaper bag! I posted about it on my blog

Lisa S said...

Today I won 5 yards of gorgeous African patterned fabric from Addicted at

Learned about it here!!


A Frugal Friend said...

I won a Pillsbury basket full of goodies and free crescent rolls and then I won a handmade gift in a Pay it Forward giveaway. Too much fun! I am excited too about having my 2nd giveaway soon!!!