Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tips to winning blog contests

1. Make sure you follow directions.
Sometimes they want you to go to a page and pick a product you like sometimes you have to pick a favorite food or link back to them. If you don't do it write your name might not get counted.

2.Make sure they have a way to reach you. Just you because you have a gamil account don't mean they can contact you .You have to go one time in your profile and set your email on public. I have seen lots of blogs have to pick other winners because they did not have a way to get a hold of them. Or you can alway just leave your email address.

3. Search for your name on google often. Sometime you win and instead of emailing you they just post your name . I have found two wins like this that I would of missed, both book wins. I am so glad I didn't miss it. Check you google screen name

4.Good contest karma. Remember that.Most Bloggers that hold contest do so out of there on pocket and pay shipping. So only enter If you want the prize or know someone who could use it.

5. If you do win when you receive email them to tell them you received it and to say thanks. If they know the prize was appreciated they may have more giveaways.

6. A great way to find blog giveaways to win is to use google blog search. I search for, first giveaways, last giveaways, (people put last chance to enter and last day)theses key words bring up a lot of giveaways.

If they is anything i missed or you want to add just comment below and i will add it.


*Tanyetta* said...

Great tips! Great blog! Thank you :)

I signed up for google alerts for my name and found out I won a few contests that way too.

Angie said...

have you noticed how some people spell out their email address... it is to keep from being spammed... there are programs that go and sniff out email addresses looking for the @ sign

Ginger said...

I think your tips are great ideas. I noticed on my giveaway, I have a couple of people who didn't leave me any way to contact them.
It's fun to have a giveaway, I just wish the post office wasn't charging us so much. lol. I am alreaady thinking of doing another one for Easter. It's hard to just pick one name.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

When you do a giveaway, have the PR company send out the prize NOT you. Chances are you are not getting paid in any form. I require one product be sent to me for "witty" comments and then the keep one and send it to my winners. I rarely have had a problem with this. Big $$ savings!

Penelope said...

Great tips! Thanks!

Judy B. said...

I appreciate your "helpfulness" that seems to be so much a part of your purpose as a blogger. From tips to listing low entry giveaways, you are helping entrants as well as hosts. Thank you!